Kurdish political prisoner Qadriyeh Qaderi has been on a hunger strike since 23 April protesting imprisonment far from her hometown, a source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).
Qadri is on hunger strike at the women section of Yasouj prison, the source said.

The prison officials had initially agreed to change her prison to that near her hometown,, but they later said that they could not transfer her because the prosecutor and the local Intelligence officials in the city of Orumiyeh had declined her request.
25-year-old Qadri was arrested in May 2011 in the city of Orumiyeh and she was in custody of the intelligence office of Orumiyeh for more than two months before she was transferred to the Orumiye central prison.

The Iranian Revolutionary Court then sentenced her to 10 years in prison for cooperation with Turkey’s Kurdish rebel group, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The Court of Appeal lowered her sentence to seven years in exile in Yasouj prison.

She was transferred to the Yasouj central prison on 6 July 2013, and she has since been jailed in the women section where female prisoners sentenced for ordinary crimes are also detained .

She is is suffering from ear infection, severe headache and numbness of one of her hands.

She was twice transferred to a hospital outside the prison for medical treatment last month, and each time she was handcuffed and forced to wear a veil, according to the KHRN source.

The hospital doctors had said that she needed CT scan examination to determine her illness, but the prison authorities had not allowed her more time in hospital for the scanning with the excuse that the CT scan machine had been broken