The Yarsani Consultative Assembly of Civil Rights Activists has written letter to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the second time over the past few years urging him to put an end to the persecutions of the Yarsan religious group.

“Not only we have not received any answers from the Cabinet of his Excellency over the last 15 months, but we are seeing worsening of our situation on a daily basis. We have to cope with new difficulties and restrictions everyday. Incitement to religious hatred and violence against our believers is intensifying day after day,” the group said in the letter.

“For instance fatwas have been issued recently by some prominent Marajis who describe our believers as ‘infidels” and ‘impure’. Those dangerous fatwas could consequently result in an escalation of violence against us,” the group’s added in the letter.

Kurdistan Human rights Network (KHRN) publishes a copy of the full letter below…

* The Marajis serves as the highest legal authority for Shia Muslims