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June 18, 2017

Detailed Report on Women’s Ward in Iran’s Orumiyeh Prison

Prisoners at the Women’s Ward in Iran’s Orumiyeh Central Prison have described their living conditions as appalling due to lack of adequate facilities and that the conditions have remained unchanged despite prisoners constantly lodging formal complaints. The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) spoke to several prisoners jailed in the women-only ward and they gave the following details on their living condition: The Women’s Ward in Orumiyeh…

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Environmental activist dies from injuries sustained in Kamyaran wildfire

Esmaeil Karimi, an environmental activist and employee of the Natural Resources Department in Kamyaran, Kurdistan Province, has died from severe burns sustained while fighting…

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Iran court sentences Kurdish activist Pakhshan Azizi to death

Pakhshan Azizi, a Kurdish activist who has been detained for almost a year, has been sentenced to death by the Islamic Revolutionary Court in…

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Mother of forcibly disappeared PJAK member appeals to international community for help

Today marks the third anniversary of the arrest and enforced disappearance of Edris Feqhi, a member of the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK), by…

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Brother of slain protester imprisoned in Sanandaj to serve sentence

Hassan Amini, brother of Mohammad Amini, a protester killed during the Women, Life, Freedom anti-government uprising in Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, has been imprisoned in…

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Prisoner executed for murder-related charges in Kermanshah

Authorities executed Khalil Jamali, a prisoner sentenced to death on charges of “premeditated murder”, on 21 July in Dizel Abad Prison in Kermanshah, Kermanshah…

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Tradesman dies in hospital after shooting by Iran border guards

Rebwar Rashidi, a tradesman from Baneh, Kurdistan Province, died on 21 July after spending two weeks in a hospital in Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, as…

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Iran executes prisoner without notice, family meeting in Kermanshah

Danyal Kazeminezhad, a 30-year-old prisoner from Eslamabad-e Gharb in Kermanshah Province, was executed in Dizel Abad Prison in Kermanshah in the early hours of…

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Kurdish activist denied family contact in Tehran’s Evin Prison

Pakhshan Azizi, a Kurdish activist charges with “armed insurrection” (baghi), has been denied the right to contact or visit her family for two weeks…

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Young woman fatally stabbed by husband in Sanandaj

A 31-year-old woman from Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, Ayda Heydarian, was fatally stabbed by her husband on 17 July, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN)…

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Bedbug outbreak ignites protests in Sanandaj juvenile detention centre

Over the past two weeks, a bedbug infestation in the women’s ward of the Juvenile Detention Centre of Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, has led to…

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Security forces arrest Kurdish civilian, seal shop in Kamyaran

Kurdish civilian Feyzollah Shadi was arrested by security forces at his workplace in Kamyaran, Kurdistan Province, on 14 July and released 24 hours later,…

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Monthly Report of June 2024

In its monthly reports, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) highlights cases of human rights violations in Kurdistan and violations of the rights of Kurdish civilians in different regions and cities across Iran.

This report includes all cases recorded and reported by KHRN from across Iran through its own sources and verification mechanisms from 1 June to 30 June.

The restrictive environment for independent human rights organisations in Iran, coupled with the pressures faced by individuals subjected to human rights violations and their families, make it difficult to publish accurate and comprehensive reports.

It is therefore important to note that the statistics and information presented in this report do not cover all cases of human rights violations. This report is the result of examining news and reports published by the KHRN and fact-checking of reports published by other human rights organisations and news websites.


In June, two women were killed by their husbands in Piranshahr and Sanandaj over alleged “family disputes”.

Kolbars and tradesmen

During this period, at least two kolbars were shot dead and nine kolbars were injured by Iranian border guards.

Of the injured, three were shot while six others were beaten by the border guards.

Civilian killings

In early June, at least two Kurdish civilians were killed by Iranian border guards in Oshnavieh.

On 2 June, Mohammad Ali Shiro was shot and wounded by border guards while collecting spring plants.

On 8 June, Jafar Gardi was shot and wounded by border guards on the suspicion of carrying contraband.

Landmine explosions

On 17 June, Hadi Ghoncheh-Doust, a civilian, was killed in a landmine explosion in Baneh.

Detentions and arrests

Throughout June, Iranian forces arrested at least 14 individuals, including two Yarsani civilians, an activist and a 73-year-old man.

At least two of the detained civilians were sent to Naqadeh Prison to serve prison sentences.


Over the past month, Iranian courts have sentenced at least nine people to punishments ranging from one year to three years and four months in prison.

Meanwhile, in early June, the Amnesty Commission overturned the death sentence of Kurdish Sunni cleric Mohammad Khezrnezhad.

  • Femicide
  • Kolbars and tradesmen
  • Civilian killings
  • Landmine explosions
  • Detentions and arrests
  • Sentences
NameIncident locationIncident dateExplanation
1Leyla PaymardPiranshahr16 June 32 years old, mother of two daughters aged 13 and 9, was set on fire by her husband due to family disputes and died four days later in Orumiyeh hospital
2Narmin PirahmanSanandaj23 JuneKilled by husband with multiple stab wounds in front of an office in Sanandaj as a result of “family dispute and conflict over divorce”
NameFromIncident locationIncident dateDead/InjuredExplanation
1Mozaffar Asad-RokhMarivanMarivan3 JuneInjuredShot by border guards
2Parviz GhaderiSaqqezBaneh4 JuneInjuredShot by border guards
3 Salah (surname unknown)Sarvabad, MarivanTateh, Hawraman, Marivan4 JuneInjuredShot by border guards
4Hazhir MahmoudpourJavanrudNowsud5 JuneKilledShot by border guards
5Shadman PayaMarivanTateh, Hawraman, Marivan10 JuneInjuredBeaten by border guards
6Naseh (surname unknown)Kalatrazan, SanandajTateh, Hawraman, Marivan10 JuneInjuredBeaten by border guards
7Arman HosseiniSaqqezBaneh11 JuneInjuredShot by border guards
8Arkan BalvasehMarivanTateh, Hawraman, Marivan21 JuneKilled29 years old, not carrying goods, shot by border guards
9Mohammad KakiBanehBaneh26 JuneInjured21 years old, shot by border guards
10Omid MoradiMarivanTateh, Hawraman, Marivan28 JuneInjuredBeaten by border guards
11Shirzad ChawshiniBanehBaneh29 JuneInjuredBeaten and shot by border guards
1Mohammad Ali ShiroOshnaviehOshnavieh2 JuneOshnavieh border guardsShot and wounded by border guards while collecting spring plants
2Jafar GardiOshnaviehOshnavieh8 JuneOshnavieh border guardsShot and wounded by border guards on the suspicion of carrying contraband
NameFromLocation of incidentDate of incidentStatus
1Hadi Ghoncheh-DoustBanehBaneh17 JuneKilled
NameFromDetention locationDetention dateActivityLocation held and latest status
1Matin (Zanyar) MehdizadehOshnaviehOshnavieh2 JuneCivilian
2Adel Haji KhelaniSi Sar village, SardashtSardasht2 JuneCivilian
3Younes NabizadehDalo villageOrumiyeh6 JuneCivilian
4Reza BabrnezhadQuchanQuchan6 JuneFamily member of killed civilian
5Heidar FatahiMarivanMarivan8 JuneCivilian
6Mohammad Amin MohammadiPiranshahrPiranshahr10 June73-year-old civilianTaken to Naqadeh Prison to serve 2 years
7Farid BadidastDivandarrehDivandarreh12 JuneCivilian
8Pourya MennatiSahnehKermanshahJuneYarsani civilian
9Shoja MennatiSahnehKermanshahJuneYarsani civilian
10Jafar (Dara) AminiBukanBukan15 JuneFormer political prisoner and civil rights activist
11Esmaeil Pour-AbdollahBukanBukanMid-JuneCivilian
12Salah SouriPiranshahrPiranshahrMid-JuneCivilian
13Edris DadrasMarivanMarivan25 JuneCivilian, beaten during arrest
14Akam KhezrnezhadPiranshahrPiranshahr30 JuneCivilianTaken to Naqadeh Prison to serve 2 years
NameResident ofCharged withDate sentencedIssuing courtSentenceExplanation
1Mohammad KhezrnezhadBukanSpreading corruption on earth, harming the integrity of the country’s independence, propaganda against the stateEarly JuneAmnesty CommissionCancellation of the death sentenceKurdish Sunni cleric
2Yousef Haji-KhoshOshnaviehAction against national security through collaboration with one of the opposition partiesMid-JuneIslamic Revolutionary Court in Oshnavieh3 years and 4 months imprisonment Member of the Central Council and Executive Board of the United Kurdish Front
3Farhad SheikhiSaqqezPropaganda against the Islamic Republic of IranMid-JuneBranch One of Islamic Revolutionary Court in Karaj1 year imprisonment, 2 years ban on leaving Iran, 2 years life in exile Divandarreh, ban on living in Alborz and Tehran provinces for two yearsLabour activist
4Morteza SeyyediKamyaranForming a group with the intention of disrupting the security of the country22 JuneBranch Two of Islamic Revolutionary Court in Shahriar2 years of imprisonment including previous detentionLabour activist
5Mehdi MajidiBukanSupporting the Israeli government, propaganda against the state, insulting the leadership23 JuneCourt of Appeal of Orumiyeh Confirmation of the sentence of 3 years imprisonmentCivilian
6Matin HassaniBukanEnticing or inciting people to fight and kill each other with the intention of disrupting the country’s security, propaganda against the state25 JuneBranch 101 of Criminal Court Two in Bukan31 months imprisonment