Iranian disciplinary forces shot dead two Kurdish kolbars (Kulbars) in the Border area of Hengezhale of Baneh this morning. A group of protesters gathered in front of the governor’s building and broke the entrance door to the building.

Heydar Faraji, 21 years old

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Human Rights Network, on Monday morning, September 04, officers of Iranian Disciplinary Force(NAJA) shot two Kolbars on the head and killed them. The Kolbars called Ghader Bahrami (41 from the village of Wazmalah, married with four children) and Heydar Faraji (21 from the village of Shesheh, from Baneh and single) were going to the border for picking up cargo.

The reports about the incident indicate that the two Kalbars were killed by the Siranband border Checkpoint officers. The murder of these two Kolbars led to the protest of the people of this area. After the transfer of the corpses to the hospital, the protestors gathered in front of the governor’s building and broke the entrance to the building while asking for identification and punishment of the perpetrators of the

Ghader Bahramai, 41 years old


Based on the reports, the IRGC and NAJA forces of Baneh have been fully alert to face any massive public outrage. The reports indicate the end of the rally against the governor but civil activists have announced that they will hold a broader protest rally today.

Images of a protest rally in front of the hospital and the governorate of Baneh