Iran has temporarily released Kurdish woman civil rights activist Azimeh Nasseri on a bail of 200 million Iranian Tomans – nearly 8,000 USD – from Orumiyeh Central Prison on 31 August.

Forces of the Intelligence Organisation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) arrested the activist at her home in Orumiyeh on 27 July.

They then took her to the detention centre of the intelligence institution in Orumiyeh.

On 26 August, she was transferred to the quarantine ward of the city prison after a month in detention.

Reportedly, officials in the Intelligence Organisation of the IRGC threatened and tortured her during a month of interrogation to obtain forced confessions.

The IRGC had detained the Kurdish activist in Mahabad, on 9 January, during the mass arrests of Kurdish activists. Later, on 7 March, she was released on bail pending trial.