Kurdish labour and civil rights activist Fateh Majidi, who has been detained by security forces since 26 April, has entered the fourth week of his hunger strike.

A source that spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) said that Majidi has been on a hunger strike since 9 May, protesting against his continued detention and lack of access to medical care.

The activist has had only a brief telephone call with his family since his arrest and has been denied visits by family and the right to have a lawyer.

According to the source, Majidi suffers from severe heart disease and kidney failure.

He was once taken from a security detention centre in Baneh to Salahuddin Ayoubi Hospital in handcuffs and fetters during this period. The activist was then returned to the detention centre without the necessary medical treatment.

Majidi uses an artificial cardiac pacemaker and his life depends on it.

Security forces arrested Majidi on 26 April in Baneh, Kurdistan province, along with six other labour and civil rights activists named Nishtiman Rahmati, Parvin Abdollahpour, Hassan Ezzati, Saeid Mohammadi, Omar Soleimani, and Afshin Rahimi.

Majidi is a dismissed teacher and a 64-year-old civil rights and political activist, who has been arrested, imprisoned, and repeatedly summoned in the past.

In 1979, after the Iranian Revolution, he was imprisoned for eight years for supporting the Komala.