A young woman named Zhila Zarei has been stabbed to death by her ex-husband in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, on 26 June.

The ex-husband, identified as A.A., has fled after committing the murder.

Zarei, 23, comes from Sardasht in Iran’s West Azarbaijan province and had one child.

After the young woman and her husband separated, she was not allowed to see her child. Her mother-in-law was looking after the child.

After separating from her husband a few years ago, she moved to Erbil where she started working as a model.

The victim’s body was buried two days after her death in the city of Qaladze, in the Kurdistan Region, in the presence of several members of her family.

Her funeral was held by her family in Sardasht on 4 July.

She had reportedly been harassed multiple times by her ex-husband in Sardasht.