A man in Iran’s western Kermanshah province has killed his 50-year-old wife named Goljamin Najafi on 10 July.

“Goljamin Najafi, a mother of three children who was born in October 1971, married Ali Agha Rezaei about 30 years ago. She was always blamed by her husband for having three daughters from their marriage”, said a relative of the woman in an interview with the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

According to the source, on 9 July, Rezaei who used the excuse of not having water at home to wash clothes insulted and beat Najafi after they returned from farming.

Neighbours who came to their house to prevent the woman from being beaten said that Najafi was again humiliated and blamed by her husband for not having a son.

The source added: “Around 06:00 [local time] on 10 July, the husband and wife left the house with the intention of going to Ms Najafi’s father’s house. In the middle of the way, as a result of an argument, Mr Rezaei killed his wife by hitting her on the head with a hard object. And to create a fake scenario, he moved the body to another place and drove over the head of the body with his car.”

Rezaei then called the police and told them about the accident. But after traffic experts came to the scene, they confirmed that it was fake and Najafi’s body was handed over to the department of forensic medicine in Sarpol-s Zahab, Kermanshah province.

After examining the body, the forensic experts declared the cause of death to be a hard object hitting the head.

On 19 July, Najafi’s family filed a complaint against Rezaei after the funeral ceremony was held, but no action has been taken to arrest him, yet.

Najafi comes from the Bani Bid village in the Gahvareh district of Kermanshah province.