The Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, has extended the temporary detention of four members of the Kurdistan-Divandarreh Teachers’ Union for ten more days.

The activists Omid Shah-Mohammadi, Parviz Ahsani, Kaveh Mohammadzadeh and Hiva Ghoreishi were arrested by security forces in Divandarreh, Kurdistan province, on 15 June.

In the past few days, the families of the activists went to the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office in Sanandaj to follow up on their situation. They were informed that the activists would be held in detention until 6 September.

The Prosecutor’s Office had previously issued a bail of 500 million for their release and the families had managed to provide it.

However, the court has so far refused to issue a release letter under the pretext of “ongoing investigations” in the detention centre of the Ministry of Intelligence in Sanandaj.

These Kurdish teachers have been held without the right to have a lawyer or receive family visits.

The Coordinating Council of Iran’s Educators’ Union has announced that these four activist teachers have been accused of “propaganda against the regime” and are under pressure from security interrogators to make forced confessions in this regard.

Security forces arrested these teachers on 15 June at their houses in Divandarreh due to their union activities and participation in a teachers’ union sit-in protest.

After their arrests, the four teachers’ union activists were taken to the detention centre of the intelligence ministry in Sanandaj.

During this period, despite the follow-ups by the families of these activists in the court and security institutions, as well as their gatherings in front of the city court, no clear answer has been given to the families and colleagues of the detainees regarding the reason for their arrests and their conditions.