A 17-year-old child named Mobin Feizi, who was severely injured by shotgun pellets that hit his head during the public protests in Kamyaran, Kurdistan province, on 15 November, has lost his ability to move an arm and a leg after undergoing two surgeries.

On 15 November, the forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shot Feyzi in the head with a shotgun in one of the alleys leading to Kamyaran’s 12-meter Street.

In the video released from the demonstrations in Kamyaran on the evening of the same day, it is seen that a child with a bullet that hit his head was taken to the hospital.

After being taken to Sina Hospital in Kamyaran, he was transferred to Kowsar Hospital in Sanandaj due to the severity of his injuries.

After examining the condition of the child, the doctors informed his family that the security forces had shot him in the head with the intention of killing him.

According to the doctors, due to Feizi’s resistance during the shooting, nearly four bullets hit him in the head and his skull was fractured on the left side.

The 17-year-old child was hospitalised for two weeks and survived after two surgeries.

However, due to damage to the nervous system, his right hand is numb and his right leg has little movement ability.

Since the beginning of the nationwide uprising of the people of Iran, at least 12 children have been killed and hundreds of others have been injured by the shooting of military-security forces in different cities of Kurdistan.

Most of these injured civilians have suffered irreparable physical injuries.