Branch One of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Ilam, Ilam Province, has summoned 27 protesters from Abdanan, Ilam Province, who were previously arrested during last year’s anti-government protests in the city but released under an amnesty.

At the same time, Ahmad Alizadeh, a 50-year-old local teacher who had previously been sentenced to prison, was also summoned to appear before the same court.

The names of the 27 civilians are Esmaeil Bavyar, Alireza Soleimani, Babak Danyali, Mohammad Hajian, Yadollah Jondi, Ali Mohammadi, Khaled Shah-Mohammadi, Alireza Arvaneh, Hossein Koulivandi, Hamid Bouchani, Rouhollah Rahimi, Behrouz Sheykhi, Jalal Abdollahi, Hossein Lalehzari, Reza Moradkhani, Musa Sabzvari, Ali Koulivandi, Sajjad Rahmani, Amirhossein Valizadeh, Armin Kheyri, Sajjad Kheyri, Behzad Kheyri, Mohammad Bouchani, Kourosh Rahmati, Mohammad Daraei, Ehsan Soleimani, and Mostafa Alizadeh.

The summonses, which come ahead of the anniversary of the protests, were sent to these individuals despite the fact that the legal cases against them were dropped by the amnesty decree issued by the Supreme Leader of Iran last year.

A copy of the indictment issued last year was also sent to the civilians along with formal summonses.

The charges included “leading a group of more than two people (about 300 people in the country) with the intention of disrupting security” and “insulting the [supreme] leadership”.

Unlike the other 27 civilians released under the amnesty, Alizadeh was sentenced to six years and one day in prison for “forming a group of more than two people with the intention of disrupting national security” and seven months and 16 days for “insulting the [supreme] leadership”.

Alizadeh was also sentenced to compulsory retirement by the Committee for the Elimination of Violations in the Ministry of Education of Ilam Province.

According to the summons, the civilians are expected to appear before Branch One of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Ilam on 10 September.