The Ministry of Education’s Disciplinary Board has upheld the decision to forcibly retire Shilan Yousefi, a teacher from Saqqez, Kurdistan Province.

Yousefi, an experienced physics teacher in Saqqez with 23 years of teaching background, had been sentenced to forced retirement by the Preliminary Disciplinary Board of the Directorate General of Education in Kurdistan Province.

The decision followed a complaint and subsequent legal proceedings initiated by the supervision authority of the Saqqez Education Department.

Allegedly, the complaint against Yousefi cited her participation in teachers’ union gatherings and her online activities in support of the Woman, Life, Freedom uprising as grounds for disciplinary action.

Following the confirmation of the retirement order, the Coordination Council of Iranian Educators’ Associations released a statement denouncing such unlawful verdicts.

The council perceives the recurrent issuance of orders including dismissals, salary deductions, forced retirements, and separations from service against teachers as a reflection of the Ministry of Education’s militaristic and security-oriented approach. The council calls upon teachers to stand against this trend.