Kurdish civilian Diyar Ahmadi has been released on bail from Sanandaj Central Prison in Kurdistan Province after one month in detention.

Meanwhile, civilians Ali Ahmadi and Ayoub Ahmadi remain detained at the Shahramfar detention centre, run by the Intelligence Organisation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Sanandaj.

On 16 September, during a raid on an orchard near the village of Arnan in Sanandaj, security forces beat and arrested Diyar Ahmadi and Ali Ahmadi without a warrant.

Ayoub Ahmadi was arrested by IRGC intelligence agents in the same village about two weeks ago and taken to the intelligence service’s Shahramfar detention centre.

After a month of detention in Shahramfar, Diyar Ahmadi was first sent to Sanandaj Central Prison and then released on 19 October on bail of 10 billion rials – nearly 20,000 USD.

Ali Ahmadi and Ayoub Ahmadi continue to be held in Sharamfar detention facility, with no access to legal representation or family visits.