Mashallah Karami, the father of Mohammad Mehdi Karami, who was executed last January during the anti-government uprising of Women Life Freedom, is being held in a state of uncertainty in Karaj Central Penitentiary in Alborz Province.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned that Karami, now in his 90th day of detention, has been denied access to legal counsel, and his family is under pressure from security forces not to speak to the media.

Karami was arrested by security forces at his home in Karaj on 22 August and taken to the Ministry of Intelligence detention centre in the city.

He was transferred to Karaj Central Prison on 28 October, following the completion of the interrogation phase.

During Karami’s arrest, security forces searched his home and confiscated the family’s personal belongings, including mobile phones.

Security and judicial authorities have frozen the family’s bank accounts and forced Mohammad Mehdi Karami’s mother and brother to leave their home.

Mohammad Mehdi Karami, a Kurdish protester from Bijar, Kurdistan Province, was arrested during the Women Life Freedom uprising in Karaj and later sentenced to death in the case of the “murder of Basij member Rouhollah Ajamian”.

Karami and his co-defendant Mohammad Hosseini were executed on 7 January.