One year after Kurdish civilian Osman Mama was arrested and forcibly disappeared during the anti-government uprising of Women Life Freedom, there is still no information on his whereabouts or well-being, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned.

Mama was arrested on 18 November 2022, during anti-government protests in Bukan, on his way home near the welfare office.

Despite continued efforts by his family to seek answers from security and judicial authorities, there has been no clarity on his situation.

A source who spoke to KHRN said: “A year has passed since Osman Mama was detained and the family’s efforts to get information about him have been fruitless. Over the past year, his family has made several attempts to obtain information from the Criminal Investigation Department, the Ministry of Intelligence, the Revolutionary Guard’s Intelligence Organisation and the Bukan Court, but they have received no answers.

In recent months, Mama’s family has been summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence in Bukan several times, where they have been questioned and threatened not to speak to the media about Mama’s detention.

Despite official claims of ignorance about Mama’s fate, the interrogations from the family have focused on the content of his mobile phone and his attempt to discover and sell ancient works.

The source stressed that based on the questions asked by interrogators from the Ministry of Intelligence about the contents of Osman Mama’s mobile phone, it is clear that he has been detained by the ministry and that his phone is in their possession.

According to KHRN statistics, at least seven other Kurdish political activists, including Edris Feghihi, Pezhman Fatehi, Mohammad Faramarzi, Mohsen Mazloum, Vafa Azarbar, Wrisha Moradi and Pakhshan Azizi, have been forcibly disappeared by the Iranian government’s security services and there is no information about their fate.