Iran has executed three prisoners on drug trafficking charges in the last two days at Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj, Alborz Province.

Prisoners Mohammad Hossein Geravand and Kioumars Gholami were executed on 8 January and Mohammad Ali Mirzaei was executed today.

Geravand and Gholami were transferred to solitary cells for execution on 7 January while Mirzaei was moved to solitary confinement on 8 January along with another prisoner whose identity and fate remain unknown.

Mirzaei, from Nurabad in Lorestan Province, was arrested several years ago on drug trafficking charges.

Gholami, from Sarableh in Ilam Province, and Gheravand, from Kuhdasht in Lorestan Province, were arrested several years ago in a joint case on drug-related charges.