The Iranian authorities have executed three prisoners in two days on drug-related charges in prisons in Hamadan, Hamadan Province, and Karaj, Alborz Province.

Habib Darvishi, a 43-year-old father of two from Kermanshah, Kermanshah Province, who was arrested several years ago for drug trafficking, was executed in Hamadan Central Prison on the morning of 16 January.

Today, authorities at Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj executed Iman Shabani and Hossein Fathollahzadeh after they were transferred to solitary confinement on 15 January.

Shabani, from Golestan Province and a resident of Tehran, and Fathollahzadeh, a resident of Tehran, were arrested about four years ago on drug-related charges and sentenced to death.

Their co-defendant, Bahman Fathollahzadeh, was executed in Ghezel Hesar Prison on 8 November 2023.