Former Kurdish political prisoner Shaban Moridi was beaten and arrested by security forces in Javanrud, Kermanshah Province, on 13 February and taken to an undisclosed location.

A source who spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) said: “On Tuesday 12 February, security forces stormed the civilian’s family home in Javanrud with tear gas and took all the family members’ mobile phones while inspecting the house”.

Moridi was not at home during the initial raid, but was arrested when he returned the following day.

The nature of the charges against him and his current whereabouts remain unknown.

Moridi was previously arrested during protests in November 2019, and again during the Women Life Freedom uprising in 2023.

On 8 February 2021, he was sentenced to one year in prison by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Kermanshah, Kermanshah Province, on charges of “propaganda activities in favour of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan”.