Mohammad Moradi Nesari, a writer and a PhD candidate in literature at the University of Kurdistan in Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, has been expelled from his teaching post in Sanandaj under pressure from the intelligence services and the Ministry of Education’s selection committee.

Nesari, from Ilam, Ilam Province, who had successfully passed the final exam for a teaching position, expressed his dismay on his Instagram page, saying: “I had previously passed the final exam for a teaching position and officially started teaching literature in Sanandaj schools on the first day of Aban (23 October) with the official notification from the Ministry of Education. After a few months, someone from the selection committee contacted me. When I went there, I was asked questions that he said were sent by a security institution; questions about publishing poetry books in Kurdish, holding the Bashur Literary Prize, participating in the Galawezh Festival, giving interviews about Kurdish language and literature, etc. None of this is not only a crime, but everywhere in the world – probably except here – is a source of appreciation and honour; the activities which, ironically, have been authorised by the relevant cultural and artistic authorities”.

According to the Instagram post, after some time Nesari approached the Ministry of Education in Sanandaj, and then the selection committee of the ministry’s general administration in Kurdistan Province, to clarify why the personnel code had not been issued and the salaries had not been paid.

The head of the selection committee told Nesari that his security clearance had been denied and that he no longer had the right to teach. He was also told that his salary for the last few months of teaching would not be paid because there was no work order.

Nesari was also told that he could exercise his right to appeal and take the case to the Administrative Court.