Security forces attacked a group of young people in Kermanshah, Kermanshah Province, on 21 March for playing music and having fun. As a result of the forces’ shooting, two Kurdish youths, Mohammad Ahmadian and Arman Basiri, were seriously injured in the leg.

The incident took place in the Eastern Park near the historical site of Tagh-e Bostan.

A source who spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) said: “On Thursday 21 March, a group of youths were playing music and having fun in the Eastern Park near Tagh-e Bostan in the Zafar neighbourhood when plainclothes forces attacked them, leading to a counter-protest by the youths.”

According to the source, the plainclothes opened fire from a short distance, targeting Ahmadian and Basiri and seriously wounding them in the leg.

The two were taken to Bistoun Hospital in Kermanshah, where they remain under the supervision of security forces. Basiri is reported to be in a critical condition, having received ten bullets in his legs.

The source added that the families of the injured youths had been threatened by the security authorities and forbidden to give details of the incident to the media.