Iranian border guards shot and killed Arkan Balvaseh, a 29-year-old kolbar, this morning in the Tateh border area of Hawraman in Sarvabad, Kurdistan Province.

A source who spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) said: “In the early hours of Friday 21 June, a group of kolbars in the Tateh border heights, while carrying no goods, were targeted by Iranian border guards at close range and without warning, resulting in the death of Arkan Balvaseh.”

Balvaseh’s body was taken to the village of Geleyeh in Marivan, Kurdistan Province, for burial.

According to KHRN statistics, in the past four weeks Iranian border guards shot dead two other Kolbars, Sina Rasoulzadeh and Hazhir Mahmoudpour, in the border areas of Baneh and Sardasht in the provinces of Kurdistan and West Azerbaijan.

Additionally, Rahim Ebrahimi drowned in a river during a pursuit by Iranian border forces in the Sardasht border area.

During this period, at least four kolbars were injured by gunfire, and two others were beaten by Iranian border forces in the border areas of Kurdistan Province.