Iranian security forces arrested at least eight Kurdish civilians and activists in the past two days in the northwestern cities of Saqqez, Marivan, and Piranshahr.

Zamaneh Ziviyeh, Meghdad Hassannezhad, Shaban Mohammadi, Rebwar Abdollahi, Morad Mamah-Rash, Ayoub Hadisi, Rahman Khedmatgozar, Ali Omarpour, and Faryad Shilan were detained and taken to an undisclosed location on 30-31 January.

These individuals have been detained in some cases with beatings by security agents.

On 30 January, security forces arrested Zamaneh Zivieh, a civil rights activist, in Saqqez, Kurdistan province. They searched her house and confiscated some of her personal belongings.

Simultaneously, Meghdad Hassannezhad, who is an artist from Saqqez, was detained on one of the streets of the city.

Zivieh was previously detained by security forces on 6 November 2017 for expressing support for the independence referendum in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. She was released on bail three days later.

Later, the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Saqqez sentenced her to 50 lashes and a fine of 1.6 million Iranian Tomans – nearly 65 USD – for “disrupting public order”.

Also, since 30 January, at least five civilians and environmental activists named Morad Mamah-Rash, Ayoub Hadisi, Rahman Khedmatgozar, Ali Omarpour, and Faryad Shilan have been detained by security forces in Piranshahr, West Azerbaijan province.

Hadisi and Khedmatgozar are active in the Piranshahr Environmental Supporters Association.

Mamah-Rash was detained by security forces after being summoned to the city’s intelligence ministry office.

The rest of the arrests took place either in the workplaces or homes of the civilians.

Additionally, on 31 January, security forces raided the home of Shaban Mohammadi, a member of the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union in the city of Marivan, Kurdistan province. They searched the activist’s home and confiscated some of his personal belongings.

Also, a labour activist from Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, named Rebwar Abdollahi was arrested by security forces after leaving his home on 31 January.

So far, no information has been obtained about the reason for the detentions of these individuals nor on where they are being held.

Reportedly, they were detained by the Ministry of Intelligence.