The Intelligence Organisation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) interrogated labour activists Armin Sharifeh and Hawzhin Latifi in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, for several hours on 21 May.

The husband and wife were released after hours of being held at the detention centre of the security institution.

While the two activists were in detention, Sharifeh’s father published an Instagram post on his personal account and wrote: “This morning, on Saturday, 21 May, IRGC intelligence agents came to my house, Reza Sharifeh (retired from Education Department), searched it and said that they had orders to arrest my son Armin Sharifeh and his wife Hawzhin Latifi. They confiscated their belongings after the search, including a cell phone and some books, and took Armin and Hawzhin with them. The IRGC intelligence told me that they were still being interrogated and did not inform me of Armin and Hawzhin’s situation.”

The father continued: “In addition, since my son, Armin suffers from lymph node cancer, the IRGC intelligence and the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic would directly be held accountable for any kind of danger and stress that would threaten my child’s health.”

Sharifeh has been repeatedly summoned, arrested, and imprisoned for his activities over the past few years.