Security forces arrested two activists named Ershak Raouf Gonbadi and Mohammad Reza Moradi in Orumiyeh in West Azerbaijan province and in Sanandaj in Kurdistan province, respectively, on 14 June.

Gonbadi is a political activist and one of the admins of the Hilbijêr Telegram channel in Orumiyeh. The channel focuses on the social, political, and cultural issues of the Kurds.

Moradi is a member of the board of directors of the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union (Sanandaj-Kalatrazan).

The Orumiyeh security police reportedly arrested Gonbadi in one of the city’s restaurants and took him to an unknown location.

His arrest is said to have come after he reacted to a statement by Alireza Molla-Mohammadizadeh, the former governor of Orumiyeh, about the Kurds in the West Azerbaijan province.

The political activist had been repeatedly summoned and interrogated by security agencies in the past.

Also, on the same day, security forces went to activist Moradi’s house and carried out a search.

The Coordinating Council of Iranian Teacher’s Associations, announcing the arrest of the union activist on its Telegram channel, warned against continuing detention of teachers.

The council said that the current obstruction not only is not a solution to the current difficult situation, but also it will increase the scope of the protests.