Security forces in Iran’s northwestern Mahabad, West Azerbaijan province, detained four Kurdish civilians identified as Aboubakr Mam-Esmaeil, Kazem Mam-Esmaeil, Kamil Mam-Esmaeil and Jamal Alavi in the past few days.

The detained civilians were then taken to undisclosed locations.

On 21 August, the security forces raided civilian Aboubakr Mam-Esmaeil’s house in the Qezeljeh village of Mahabad. They searched the house, confiscated some of his family’s belongings and arrested him with his two sons Kazem and Kamil.

The father and his son Kamil were released after a few hours, but Kazem Mam-Esmaeil is still in custody.

No information has been obtained about the reason for the arrest and the fate of this civilian.

Separately, on 23 August, security forces arrested a civilian named Jamal Alavi in the village of Kuseh Kahriz in Mahabad and took him to an undisclosed location.

According to the statistics collected by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), at least 30 Kurdish civilians and activists have been arrested by the security forces in Oshnavieh, Bukan, Mahabad and Miandoab in the last two weeks.