Kamran Asa, the brother of Kianoush Asa, one of the victims of the 2009 post-election protests in Iran, was arrested by security forces in Kermanshah two days ago.

The Ministry of Intelligence arrested Asa at his workplace in Golestan Mall in Kermanshah, on 31 January.

The security agents also confiscated his mobile phone and the phones of his wife and the other employees.

On the first night of his detention, Asa told his family in a brief phone call that he was held at the detention centre of the intelligence ministry in Kermanshah.

Since the killing of Kianoush Asa in 2009, his brother and other family members have been detained and interrogated by security forces several times.

Kianoosh Asa was a civil rights activist and a student at the Tehran University of Science and Technology.

He was shot and killed by the paramilitary Basij forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on 15 June 2009, during the protests that broke out over the outcome of the presidential elections.