The Iranian authorities has executed a prisoner on drug-related charges at Mianduab Prison on Sunday, July 23, 2017. He was taken to solitary confinement cells a day before his execution.

In an interview with Kurdistan Human Rights Network, an informed source identified the executed prisoner as Mehdi Saki, 38, from the city of Dorood in Lorestan province.

“Mehdi Saki was arrested in Mahabad in 2013 on charges of carrying 15 kg of heroin and was held in Mahabad Prison until November 2016. He was then transferred from Mahabad Prison to Miandoab Prison on Nov 7, 2016, in preparation for his execution,” this informed source said.

The number of hasty execution of prisoners charged with drug offences has been raised sharply during the past few weeks. Meanwhile, the Iranian Parliament has approved the new draft of the anti-narcotics law. If this draft is finalised, the death penalty of many prisoners will be changed to imprisonment sentence.