Two prisoners were executed at Orumiyeh’s central prison due to drug related charges on Saturday morning Aug 5, 2017. They had been transferred from wards 14&15 of Orumiyeh central prison to solitary confinement cells a day before their execution.

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) which has obtained the identities of the prisoners, they are called Saeid Poor Hormozi and Hossein Shahini.

Hossein Shahini, from the village of Kafsi, had been imprisoned for 3 years (since 2014) charged with carrying 400 grams of narcotics (no drug type specified) and Saeid Poor Hormozi, from Naghde, had been imprisoned for 3 years charged with carrying 10 kg of narcotics.

According to a close source to Saeid Poor Hormozi, the Attorney General had recently agreed to his impunity, but his appeal was rejected by Provincial Pardon and Amnesty Commission.

Earlier on Wednesday, July 26, two prisoners known as Farhad Mousa Zadeh and Davoud Maldar charged with drug-related offences and a prisoner known as Fattah Amini charged with murder were executed at the Orumiyeh Central Prison.