Three prisoners were executed on Murder Charges in Tabriz central prison this morning.

“This morning, on September 18, three prisoners sentenced to execution on murder charges. They were reportedly transferred from ward 9 to solitary confinement in Tabriz Central prison in preparation for execution a day before their executions,” an informed source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network.

This source identified the executed detainees as the 61-year-old Youssef Ebrahimi from Heshtroud, Sina Asad Zadeh from Azar Shahr and Ahad Pour Taghi from Tabriz.

“Youssef Ebrahimi” was arrested about 31 years ago for the murder of one of the “Islamic Revolution Committee” agents in his home village in the Heshtroud suburb. He was later sentenced to death by the Tabriz court on the account of two different cases. he was able to obtain the consent of the victim’s family who showed mercy on him after several years. However, his death sentence on charges brought forward by the government remained intact and he was executed this morning. “, the source added.