“The [Iranian] security forces arrested two Kurdish artists, Mehdi Tawakoli and Mohamad Abdi, in Sanandaj, on 11 October. We since no nothing on their fate and whereabouts,” a reliable source said in an interview with the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The KRHN source said “Mehdi is a member of the Kurdish Youth Association of Cinema and Photography. Prior to his arrest he organised many photography exhibitions in Sanandaj on the living conditions of refugees who had fled Shehngal [Sinjar] and Koabne areas to the refugee camps in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.”

The source added: “Abdi, who is also photographer and a student, was also arrested with Tawakoli. Their family relatives visited the court and the headquarters of security forces to obtain information on their fate several times, but their efforts ended in vain, so nobody knows why they were arrested and were they been since been taken by the security forces.”