Iranian security forces have carried out mass arrests of Kurdish citizens in the past few weeks in Boukan and Naghadeh(Naqadeh) areas, according to reliable local sources.

A Kurdish student of physical education studies was arrested in Naghadeh city’s main street along with Shayan Haji Talkhabi said to be a make-up artist, on 29 October, according to a reliable source.

The security forces immediately transferred them to an unknown place.

Their families have tried repeatedly to get information about their location and the reason of their arrest but all efforts have ended in vain, the source said.

The source added: “ On Saturday 5 November 5, security forces raided the father’s house of two Kurdish brothers Mostafa and Diyako Sheykhi. Both of them were arrested, the house was searched and personal belongings of the family were confiscated. The authorities have since disclosed no information about their fate.”

The wave of mass arrests of Kurdish citizens and activists in Oroumiyeh, Mahabad, Oshnaviyeh (Shno, Boukan, Sanandaj and Mariwan) has been on-going for several months now, according to local and human rights sources based in those areas.