A gathering of solidarity with Kurdish Kolber workers was cancelled in Mariwan because of the presence of huge Iranian police forces.

A few days ago in Mariwan, a group of Kurdish activists planned to gather outside the residence of the governor of the city to protest against the never-ending killings of Kurdish Kolber workers by the security forces.

But on the day of the planned protest Iranian police forces accompanied by special units with reinforcement of undercover gunmen led the activists to cancel the gathering.

A source explained to Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that “following the murder of a Kurdish tradesman and two more attacks that left two other Kurdish tradesmen wounded, some Kurdish activists called on social media to gather near the governor’s residence in Mariwan on 8 December 8 at 10:00am. But police forces in huge numbers were deployed in the city. The climate of fear discouraged the protesters and the gathering was cancelled.”

The brutal slaying of Kurdish Kolber workers is a regular occurrence but nobody has been held accountable to answer for those crimes at an Iranian court.

Iranian authorities harass and threaten human rights activists and prevent them from organising gatherings or rallies to raise awareness about this problem.

Activists are frequently arrested only because they demand justice for the public.

On 29 November, a convoy of Kurdish Kolber workers and tradesmen was targeted by the Iranian armed forces who opened fire at them.

One kolber called Kamal Bamazer who came from a village in the neighbourhood of Mariwan was killed and two of his colleagues called Adris and Toufiq were badly wounded.

Both of them were taken to the Bou Ali hospital in Mariwan.

One of the wounded lost one of his kidneys because of his injuries, according to sources.