During the last few days, websites close to the Gilan-e Gharb Revolutionary Guards reported the arrests and dismantling of a virtual counter-revolution team. But on Sunday, the prosecutor of the city, has denied the news of the arrest of the activists in social networks.

A local source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network(KHRN), on Wednesday 4 May, seven Cyberspace activists of telegram named Javad Akbari, Meghdad Abdollahi, Yaser IzadPanah, Ali Mozaffari, Shahin Khaledi, Pourya Pormouz and Sasan Modarayi summoned by Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization in Gilan-e Gharb to Besij (Mobilisation Resistance Force) by phone. They have been the admins of telegram channels called “With Rouhani until 1400″ in the city of Gilan-e Gharb. The activists attended to the Prosecutor with their families as they summoned by phone and have met the city prosecutor, Mr.Abdi.

According to the source, the prosecutor has stated that the intelligence ministry demanded to issue arrest warrant for them on charges of insulting the Supreme Leader but the prosecutor refused and asked them to just questioning the activists for clarifying the issue.

The source added the 7 activists who are mostly students attended to the intelligence ministry of Gilan-e Gharb and have been interrogated. The Interrogators said an anonymous member, has released a statement of Ataollah Mohajerani in their channel (With Rouhani until 1400) and the admins has not removed it from the channel despite insulting the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic. Interrogators, while insulting them and put them under pressure to remove their channels and also the Intelligence Corps opened a case for them and sent it to the prosecutor.

Saturday 6 May, the trial of the seven activists held in the court of Gilan-e Gharb and eventually they were acquitted of the charges. The telegram channel also has been removed under pressure of intelligence service.

Gilan-e Gharb prosecutor in an interview with IRNA stated that “Considering that the summoned persons are young and do not have any criminal record they only received warnings and guidance.”