Since yesterday, Baneh citizens have started extensive protests to the killing of two Kurdish Kolbars by Iranian Disciplinary Forces.

According to the information obtained by KHRN, the people of Baneh called for the closure of shops and marches in front of the governor’s office following the killing of two Kolbars by direct shooting of Iranian border guards. A large part of the market in the city was also closed in protest to these killings.

One of the protesters told KHRN that the number of protesters was over 5 thousand people, and special forces fired tear gas at protesters and beat a number of them with batons. At least four people have been injured by special shotgun bullets.

In this gathering, protestors broke into the governor’s office while calling for dismissal of the governor and putting a stop to killing Kulbers. A number of vehicles belonging to the governor’s office were also burnt.

Several eyewitnesses told KHRN that special forces and plainclothes forces had arrested a number of protestors.

Civil activists from Marivan and Piranshahr cities have also announced their support for the Baneh protest.

It is worth mentioning, Iranian disciplinary forces (NAJA) shot two Kolbars on the head in the Border area of Hnegezhal of Baneh on Monday morning, September 04 and killed them. The Kolbars were called Ghader Bahrami (41 from the village of Wazmalah, married with four children) and Heydar Faraji (21 from the village of Shesheh, from Baneh and single). The two Kulbers were not carrying goods.

Photos of the protestors gathered in front of the governor’s office in Baneh