Five citizens of Bukan, who were celebrating during the Iraqi Kurdistan Independence referendum, were taken to the Prison from the Detention Centre of Bukan last week.

“On Tuesday, Sept 26, 2017, five citizens of Bukan were arrested by the Bukan forces on the charge of playing loud music in their vehicles during the street celebrations in support of the Kurdish independence referendum. They were transferred to the Bukan Intelligence Detention Centre where they were abused and tortured for five days. They were eventually transferred to Bukan Prison on Sunday, Oct 1,” an informed source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The source identified these four detainees as “Sardar Arabi (son of Sharif), Jamal Hassanpur (son of Osman), Hayman Ghafouri (son of Mohammad Saleh) and Kamran Ranjibari (son of Karim). The Bokun Court issued a bail of 30 million Tomans for the release of these detainees charged with disrupting public order.”, The source added.

Meanwhile, due to the mass arrests, the exact number of detained citizens of Bukan is not clear because some of the detainees have been transferred to the Orumieh Intelligence Detention Centre.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network has released several reports on the identity of dozens of detainees during the past few days.