Dozens of Kurdish citizens arrested during street celebrations in support of referendum for Kurdistan Independence are still being held in the Detention Centres except for some detainees who were recently released on bail.

Reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) indicate that 7 Baneh citizens -including Fouad Hossein Zadeh, Zanjan Maroufi, Soroush Mohammadi, Danial Ahmadi, Sarou Ahmadi, Hoshyar Shabani and Naseh Khazari- arrested on the evening of Monday, Sept 25, 2017 due to participating in the street celebrations in support of the referendum for Kurdistan Independence still remain in prison and their fate is undecided.

“Veria Delangiz (Kurdish activist) who was arrested on Tuesday, September 4, after being summoned to Marivan Intelligence Office, was transferred from the Detention Centre of the Marivan Intelligence Office to the Detention Centre of the Sanandaj Intelligence Office. In a brief telephone call with his family, this Kurdish activist has mentioned that he had started hunger strike in the last days.,” an informed source told KHRN.

“Ronak Aghayi has been released from Orumiyeh prison on a bail of 200 million Tomans after spending 15 days in detention on Oct 10, 2017.”, another informed source told KHRN.

Various sources in the city of Sanandaj have reported that two Kurdish citizens still remain at the Intelligence Detention Centre of Sanandaj. According to these sources, Moslem Saeedpour and Farid Niknafas detained by security forces at their workplace on Tuesday, Sept 26, 2017, are still being interrogated at the Sanandaj Intelligence Detention Centre. The two detained citizens had been transferred from the Detention Centre of Sanandaj to Sanandaj Central Prison last week but they were transferred from the prison to the Intelligence Detention Centre again after their detention was extended for a month.

“Five citizens of Bukan, who were taken to the Prison from the Detention Centre of Bukan on Oct 1, 2017, were temporarily released on bail of 30 million Tomans recently.”, an informed source in Bukan told KHRN.

Four of the above detainees have been identified as “Sardar Arabi (son of Sharif), Jamal Hassanpur (son of Osman), Hayman Ghafouri (son of Mohammad Saleh) and Kamran Ranjibari (son of Karim).