The Orumiyeh Intelligence Forces raided the houses of several Kurdish citizens overnight and arrested dozens of people participating in the protest against the sexual harassment of a 12-year-old schoolgirl in Islamabad town (Koshtargah), Orumiyeh.

“On Monday October 23, the family and a number of relatives of a 12-year-old schoolgirl sexually harassed by the school janitor gathered at the schoolyard and demanded the offender’s arrest. In the past two days following this incident, Orumiyeh Intelligence Forces arrested dozens of Kurdish citizens overnight at their houses.”, a resident of the Islamabad town (of Orumiyeh city) told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The source identified a number of the people arrested in their houses as former political prisoners and the family of executed political prisoners including, “Amir-Taleb-e-Marneh (former political prisoner), Nader Nojavan Jahani, Shafiq Nojavan Jahani, Osman-Khezri (brother of Hussein Khezri, executed political prisoner) and his son.

“The gathering in protest to the sexual harassment became violent when the anti-riot police attended the scene. The security forces identified the protestors in the films taken by security forces on the day of the gathering and arrested them overnight by raiding their houses.”, the source continued.

“Following the spread of the protests, protesters attacked and damaged the Basij Office in Ghods Mosque in this town. The Revolutionary Guards have informed the trustees in the town that they would arrest and severely punish all those involved in this attack. As a result, citizens are living in a state of fear and terror.”, the source added.

“The security forces have threatened the Schoolgirl’s family (known as Hatami) to avoid making any comments in the foreign media about their child’s sexual harassment.”, the source also mentioned.