On Wednesday, February 22, 2017 Khalid Ahmadian, a young Kolber has lost his eyes due to direct shooting of the Iranian border guards without a warning shot in Delawaran’s Village (in the borders of Piranshahr West Azarbaijan Province in northwest Iran).

The doctor did enucleated on one of his eyes and he has lost the sight of the other eyes.

Khalid Ahmadian, was born in 1989 from the ‘Dagrji’ village in Oshnavieh ( Shno ). He is married and has got two children, Hadis 2 years old and Mohammad Sami, one year old.

In a short interview with Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN),Ahmadian said the night that he has been shot by theIranian border guards was the first time that he wanted to do border portering. While he was without any fardel (Package), he has been shot directly without a warning.

Khalid Ahmadian and his daughter

Mr.Ahmadian said: I, recently opened a retail clothing shop and I decided to go to the border to supply my shop. On Wednesday 22 February I arrived in the village of Delavan, where I have joined five other Kolbers. We were walking in the mountains above the village but the border security was ambushed in some place and I have been shot in my head in the distance of 10 meters by one of them. Every thing
became black in front of my eyes. I was afraid and I also did not what to do. It was a freezing and snowy night. I escaped to save my life.The rest of the Kolbers also ran away.

He continued, “The sound of gunfire could be heard, and I hid somewhere about one hour. I wasn’t able to see anymore. I was feeling like I might pass out, then I stranded up and tried to walk in snow
and cold from that place. I had called a number by chance and my friend picked up the phone. I asked him to contact my brother. My brother has called me immediately. I informed him that I am wounded
and a bullet hit my eyes and I do not know where I am. I asked him to come along and find me. My brother and father with a number of people from our village started searching me and after two hours I heard them
shouting. My brother called me and I informed him that I heard their shouting and screaming. They found me and it was the God mercy that I was not killed that night.

He continued that: bullet hit my right eye. Doctors said firstly my both eyes need to be enucleated, but later a doctor told them that he is too young and they should not evacuate my both eyes and they can save one of my eyes. However, when I have been shot I touched my eyes and I understood that my eyes are coming out.

Ahmadian’s father has told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), with a sob voice that my son was shot in his head close to his eyebrow and he left his eye. The night that we found him we transferred him to
Oshnavieh hospital. He was injured badly and they transferred him to Orumiyeh that they hospitalised him for a night. Then, we transferred him to Tehran from the local hospital due to the severity of his injuries. He hospitalised in Tehran for a week.

Ahmadian’s father said we do not know what to do exactly. The border guards said we did not open a fire to anyone and we don’t have any news about the things happened to your son. This is despite the fact
that my son has seen them from very close distance and he has shot by them. My son is now alive and returned home and we really need help. He lives here in the village with us with his family.

Please use the details below If you wish to help this young Kolber to
pay his Treatment costs.

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