A young Kulbar from Rabt, Sardasht hospitalised in Tabriz hospital for over a month, died due to the severity of his injuries on Thursday, 27 April. He was shot and injured by Iran military forces. As a result of gunfire, opened by the Revolutionary guard another young Kulbar was injured in Baneh border  Choman, a village in the Bowalhasan Rural District, Namshir District, Kurdistan Province, an Iran region in April. He was in coma and woken after spending nearly 10 days in a coma, but his condition is critical.

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network, in the first days of April, numbers of Kulbar that not carrying goods from abroad were shot and injured by the Iranian armed forces in the border area of Dashti Kapran, Sardasht. One of the young Kulber, AbdulRahman Ibrahim was a student in the field of Engineering, Accounting in Khoramabad University that was shot and injured. He was later transferred from Sardasht hospital to a hospital in Tabriz Due to the serious injuries.

According to an informed source, “at the time of surgery of AbdulRahman in prison, doctors said his health is in a good condition (stable), but on Thursday 7 April at 2 am, the young Kulbar died in the hospital.” In the past few days at the request of the family of AbdulRahman, his dead body transferred to medical examiner but the cause of his death has not been officially announced yet to his family. While a number of local sources reported a risk of medical errors in the death of this young man. “

According to the source, AbdulRahman was working during new year holidays that university was closed to pay the tuition. But unfortunately a smart young man who could be successful in the future was killed by Iran military forces.

Azad Majidi, another kulbar was shot and injured in Chichouran, Baneh border and his health condition is critical because of a bullet in his head. He was in coma for 10 days and at the moment he is in the intensive care unit (ICU) of Sanandaj hospital.

Azad Majidi has a two-year-old girl and he has lost his wife in a capsules explosion a few months ago.

According to the compiled statistics of the Kurdistan Human Rights Network, in 2016 alone, 42 people have been injured and killed due to direct shootings by the Iran forces on the borders and also this year, 30 others injured by gunfire and 32 people were killed and injured due to accidents and natural disasters.