Over the past two weeks, two Kulbars were killed and 25 others were injured when a car and a minibus carrying Kulbars overturned in the border region of Marivan.

According to Human Rights Network Kurdistan, On Sunday 24 May, around 15, on the “Band Dezli”road, in the Central District of Sarvabad County, Kurdistan Province, Iran, a car (Peykan), which was carrying Kulbars, have overturned and one of the passengers killed instantly and five others were injured.

After transferring the wounded to Marivan hospital, one of the victims died due to severe injuries and two others, are still in hospital.

Two killed Kulbars called “Hadi Shirvani”, was from Bachesour Village, (is a village in Marivan) and “Idris Moradi”, was a resident of Marivan and four wounded Kulbars are from Bachesour Village.

In another incident on Wednesday, 2 May, at the reversal of a minibus carrying Kulbars in “pass Syanav” in Marivan, 21 Kulbars on board were injured. Six Kulbars because of severe injuries have been hospitalised in Marivan and Sanandaj Hospitals and 15 were treated on an outpatient basis.

The identities of the 21 injured Kulbars are as follows:

Rahim Sotoodeh, Osman Rasooli, Salam Keshvari, Azad Sadeghi, Saleh Khoda Moradi, Salam Gerami, Khaled Barat Poor, Tofigh Rahmani, Omar Rasooli, Osman Golshan, Aziz Golshan, Rezgar Prtovi, Ali Goodarzi, Ali Haji Rasooli, Fateh Haji Rasooli, Mohammad Golshan, Khaled Mostafayi, Aboobakr Yazdani, Ghader Sotoodeh, Mohammad Farnoodi and Ibrahim Yazdi.

The pictures of overturned minibus in which 21 Kulbars were injured: