Many Kurdish Kolbers (Cross-border Couriers) have been killed and injured by direct shot of Iranian border guards, previously. But in a new trick, the border guards at Nowsoud Border, throwing Stones at Kurdish Kolbers.

Sarkawat Waisi

In the evening of Sunday 28 May, a number of Kolbers, while carrying goods near the border, have been targeted with stones in “Kooh Soni” city functions Nowsoud, an informed sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

During this throwing Stones by border guards, Sarkawt Veisi, 38 year-old from the village of Niskaneh, resident of Paveh, was seriously injured in his right ankle. Then, he was transferred to a medical emergency centre in collaboration with medical emergencies.

According to the source, the attack and stone throwing of border forces happened while the Kolber wasn’t carrying a Western goods.

The source added, “According to tests and checkup by doctors in medical centre the right ankle of Sarkawt Veisi has been broken.”

The Iranian security forces killed at least 42 Kurdish Kolber and Kasibkar workers in 2016 alone by the border security forces direct shooting, according to KHRN’s 2016 annual report on Kolber workers.