A Kurdish Kolber was shot, killed by the direct shoot of Iran’s military forces in the border region Sardasht, yesterday.

On Wednesday, 15 June a group of Kolber (border couriers) was shot by Iran’s border forces in the Betush area in the outskirts of Sardasht and a kolber named Sirwan Azizi from Doltanchak village of Sardasht killed on the spot, a local source told Human Rights Network Kurdistan.

According to the source, Sirwan Azizi, who was carrying several cartons of cigarettes has been shot at close range by military forces. Then, the border guards escaped and left his corpse in the mountains. His dead body transferred to Sardasht Forensic Medicine later by Kulbars and The locals.

According to statistics compiled by the Human Rights Network Kurdistan (KHRN), the city of Sardasht was the most deadliest region of Kurdistan with 18 deaths and wounded Kolber workers in 2016 and the number of Kolbers who lose their lives are increasing every year due to the failure of Iran government to prosecute military forces who committing murder.

A picture of the Kolber killed by the Iranian military forces: