The murder of a Kurdish Kolbar, Sirvan Azizi, on June 14th, in the border areas of Sardasht followed a protest by civil and political activists, but in the most recent case, a Kolbar killed by a bullet shot by a border guard in the border areas of Piranshahr and another Kolbar was injured.

An informed source told Human Rights Network Kurdistan that, on Wednesday night, June 22 a group of Kurdish Kolbars (border couriers) were trapped by the Silavi border checkpoint in the Kunegur area, near the village of “Meshkan” in the border town of Piranshahr. They were shot by the border guards at the checkpoint. A Kolbar was killed and one other was wounded after being directly shot by the guards.

Mohammad Masaeli Fard, the Kolbar from Mirawi located in Sardasht who was a citizen of Piranshahr was killed by the direct shot of the border guards and Ahmad, other Kolbar from the Mahabad was wounded.

According to the source Mohammad Masaeli Fard, the murdered Kolbar was married and had three children. Also during the shooting, a number of horses were killed and their goods were confiscated.

Over the past few days, 250 civil and political activists have expressed their sympathy to the family of Sirwan Azizi and other Kolbar families who have lost their family members in recent years, and also expressed their deep hatred of any violent clash with Kolbars.