Iranian border guards attacked a group of Kurdish kulbars (Border Couriers) around the village of Kani Zard of Sardasht city today morning and a Kolbar was severely injured.

On Tuesday morning, June 27, Iranian border guards targeted a group of Kurdish kolbars around the village of Kani Zard of Sardasht city a Kolbar from Nalas with the name of Zerwar, was seriously injured by being shot directly in the head, a local source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The Iranian border guards fled after wounding this kolber and The local people transferred him to Sardasht medical centre. But, due to the severity of the injuries they transferred him to the medical centres in West Azerbaijan Province,,the source said.

The process of killing Kolbars has increased, in the last weeks. So that, in the past 10 days, at least three Kolbars have been killed by direct shootings and two others being injured, in the border areas of Sardasht, Piranshahr and Orumiyeh.

Recently, a group of Kurdish Kolbars, were attacked by the Iranian border guards and two Kurdish Kulbars were shot dead and wounded in “Wargenem” area on the border between Orumiyeh and Turkey as a result of direct shootings of guards. “Murad Arabi”, age 34 father of three, from “Anbi village”of Ourmiyeh is the name of the dead Kolbar and another Kolbar by the name of “Kardin Arabpour” was severely injured.

Murad Arabi

In the past few days, 250 Kurdish political and civil activists from Iran’s Kurdistan in a statement have expressed their sympathy to the family of Sirwan Azizi and other Kolbar families who have lost their family members in recent years and declared their deep concerns on the increased violence employed by the Iran regime forces in their treatment of the Kolbars. These Kurdish activists believe that the indiscriminate shootings of Kolbars by the Iran forces has led to ongoing tragic events.