An informed source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network that, On Friday, July 28, Iranian border security forces opened fire on a group of Kurdish kolbars in Koneh Moshkan, of Piranshahr city. During this attack, a Kolbar called Jalal Balan was seriously injured and transferred to the hospital in Mahabad. But he lost his life after 5 days on Wednesday, 2nd August due to the severity of the injuries

Also on July 29, Iranian border security forces targeted a group of Kolbars in an area called” Doleni” at the Baneh border. In this incident, Two Kolbar including Khaleq Rasouli and Barzan Mahmoudi were injured, 17 horses got killed and their cargo seized by the forces. As a result, several Kolbars and tradesman confronted border guards in order to release their cargo when suddenly one of the border guards known as Momeni killed a tradesman called Ibrahim Rahmani by shooting him six times in the chest. Ibrahim Rahmani, a 40-year-old man resident of Tajan Village, was married with four children and he was only at the scene for intercession.

Moreover, On Wednesday, Aug 2, Iranian disciplinary forces opened fire on a number of kolbars and tradesmen in the route between Marivan of Saghez (near Dawab village). During this incident, the van of a Kurdish tradesman called Habib Mohebi from Marivan was targeted. As a result, the van carrying air conditioner deviated from the road and it exploded.

On the evening of July 26, a kolbar named Mohammad Esmail Zadeh from Sisar village in the border area of the Kani Zard fell from High Mountain and lost his life. He was married with one child.