Iranian border guards arrested Seven Kurdish Kolbars (Kulbaran) on the borders of Sardasht (Beweran village) and transferred them to Sardasht. It should be noted that They weren’t carrying any foreign goods.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network, on Saturday, Aug 27, 2017, Iranian border guards of the “Barde Pan” at the border of “Kele”(in Sardasht) arrested seven Kolbars from the village of Beweran and transferred them to the border regiment detention centre in Sardasht. These kolbars were going to the border for picking up the cargo.

KHRN has confirmed the identity of these Kulbers as Bahman Soleiman Pour, Houshyar Soleiman Pour, Mohammad Azizi, Ahmad Hassan Zadeh and Shaho Hamzeh.

The majority of People in Sardasht have no other choice than working as Kolbars due to high unemployment rate, lack of alternative jobs, little investment in the domain of agriculture in this area. The city of Sardasht was the deadliest region of Kurdistan with 18 deaths and wounded Kolbars in 2016. The number of Kolbars losing their lives are increasing every year due to the failure of the Iranian government to prosecute armed forces committing these murders.