The Sardasht border regiment forces in the area of Bitoush opened fire on a group of kurdish Kolbars. A young kolbar was killed in this incident.

“At 19:00, On Oct 21, 2017, border checkpoint officers targeted a group of Kurdish Kolbars near “Bitoush” village in the border area called” Kanal”. In this incident, a 24-year-old kolbar called Peshtiwan Moein, son of Rahman, was killed”, a Kolbar in Sardasht told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

Peshtiwan Moein, 24, a Kurdish Kolbar

“Two bullets hit Peshtiwan Moein’s head and he lost his life instantly. The border guards left the area after seizing the cargo of this Kolbar,” the source added.

“The dead body of this kolbar has been transferred to the village of Darman Awai by the people of the area, and the body is to be transferred to Sardasht’s forensic body later”.

According to the data collected by KHRN, the city of Sardasht was the deadliest region of Kurdistan with 18 cases of death and injury among Kolbars in 2016. The number of Kolbars losing their lives is increasing every year due to the failure of the Iranian government to prosecute armed forces committing these murders.