Iranian Disciplinary Force (NAJA) shot dead a Kurdish tradesman in Orumiyeh and abandoned his body.

“On Monday night, Oct 23, 2017, two Kurdish tradesmen were ambushed by Iranian military forces in the border area of Al-Wassan from the Orumiyeh province. The Iranian Military Force opened fire on these tradesmen without a warning although they were not carrying illegal cargo”, an informed source said to Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“As a result of this shooting, a Kurdish tradesman called Rebar Nami Erbilan, 28 and married with two children, lost his life instantly but the other tradesman managed to escape in the dark of the night.”, the source added.

“The military forces left the dead body of the killed tradesman after the incident. A day later on Tuesday Oct 24, the dead body of the tradesman was discovered by relatives and local people who were searching for him. He was buried in the village of al-Bairan.”, the source continued.

“The father of this tradesman, Abdullah who was a member of one of the Kurdish parties, was killed several years ago in a clash between the forces of the Revolutionary Guards and the Peshmerga”. the source also mentioned.