At least nine kolbars have been injured in the past several days in the border areas of Nowsud in Kermanshah province, western Iran.

The kolbars were either shot by forces of the Border Guard Command or fell from border heights as a result of being chased by border forces.

On 21 April, border forces opened fire on a group of kolbars with shotguns, as a result of which three kolbars named Dana Rahmati, Ramazan Saberi, and Fereydoun Youzi were wounded.

Simultaneously, four other kolbars, Mohammad Fakhri, Houshang Karimi, Dara Youzi, and Abed Shajarian, were injured after falling from a border height due to being chased by border guards and getting caught in barbed wire barriers.

On 22 April, another kolbar named Meysam Shafiei was injured after falling from the border heights in Nowsud.

In another case, on 23 April, border guards shot a kolbar named Esmaeil Sabokro in the border areas of Nowsud.

According to statistics compiled by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), in the past two weeks alone, security forces killed a kolbar named Arash Nouri and injured at least 23 kolbars in the border areas of Nowsud.