Border Guard Command forces have wounded five more kolbars in the border areas of Nowsud, Kermanshah province, western Iran, on 28 April.

Forces in Mileh border area in Nowsud opened fire on a group of kolbars, injuring two kolbars named Namdar Hosseini and Amin Veisi.

Separately, another kolbar named Habib Mohammadi was also shot and injured by border forces.

Later during the day, border forces also ambushed a group of kolbars in the Nowsud border area and wounded at least two kolbars named Omid Younesi and Mokhtar Shah-Moradi with shotguns.

Additionally, in the past few days, border forces had injured a 32-year-old kolbar from the village of Sivar in Marivan, Kurdistan province, named Massoud Mahmoudi in the same region.

According to statistics compiled by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), in the past three weeks alone, security forces killed a kolbar named Arash Nouri and injured at least 29 kolbars in the border areas of Nowsud.